Help me reach Antarctica #2

Fade in…

Day (Period: unidentified time in my childhood)

Location- outside home

The 30-year-old Jamun tree stands tall outside our house. The residential society office has sent a notice to our neighbors to take it down. My grandmother and Mrs. Malhotra (next door neighbor) talk as I play in the verandha, eavesdropping on what they are discussing.

Mrs. Malhotra: How will they ever understand the importance and value of this tree?

My grandmother(with immovable grit): It’s not just a tree. It’s a part of our co-existence here. We will have to fight our way for the tree, for the beauty, for the memory and for the monotony we share with this tree.


This Jamun tree is over 35 years olf :’) and continues to stand tall and beautiful!

My sensitivity towards nature has been honed over the years because these childhood memories left an impression me. Being a part of the ecosystem I’ve always been at the receiving end, maybe even selfishly and unmindfully. As the weather of Delhi worsens and continues to deteriorate due to the increasing pollution, a clear night sky full of stars has become but a dream. The sky is always misty and orange. Summers have become longer, winters severely cold, and rains are depleting from our climate cycle. Your lungs will be inflated with impurity; you cannot breathe freely in this city.

I have only my words to make a difference to fight for this climate change. I’m good at writing and I believe that a well told story can never leave your life untouched in meaningful ways.  I think story telling gives you the space for you to know if you have something to say, gives you a sense of purpose even before your words craft it. I’ve grown up listening to stories and reading stories, all my compassion has been sourced from there. I think stories stay, they make space for themselves in our lives and they are a part of human tradition in communication.
I have a deep love for wilderness and having grown up with the stories of Jack London and Leo Tolstoy, my ideologies have been built, metaphorically, in free (wilderness like) paradigms where the constructs of society and civilsation do not withhold the way I live or the ideas I believe in. I’m not an environmentalist but I have a deep love for nature. And in the process of helping the humanity to inculcate that love, the issues at hand can be solved.

So, follow my campaign here-

I think this expedition will be a very helpful medium in educating me about the issue because one needs to know one’s enemy in order to fight against it and so this expedition will not only be a platform to explore Earth’s last wilderness but to explore it with a purpose, a cause and a team of diversity. My aim would be to go for the expedition as an individual but come back as a team, an amalgamation of ideas from people across the world.
And through those real anecdotes I’d like to exhaust my potential as a writer to craft stories in a way that they make the reader aware of climate sensitivities. My aim would be to appeal to the audience’s empathy to generate a connection, a direct connection with the issues of the nature so as to encourage action.



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